What should I expect during my Yoga session?

During the initial session, you will be asked to review and sign an intake form. After, we will go over any questions or concerns you may have, including physical or medical concerns and clearances. I will then go over the layout of the practice for your approval.

During the practice, I will offer physical support and modification if you are comfortable.

While the practice may have a standard structure, it is completely adjustable to fit your needs.

Please do not hesitate to ask questions and make requests.

What should I bring to my Yoga session?

If available, please bring a Yoga mat, water bottle, towel or rag, and any personal props you may want to use (blocks, bolster, strap, blanket, etc.)

While highly recommended, props are optional. If you do not have your own, I have some available. Please specify if you would like me to provide props at the time of booking.

Where are Yoga sessions held?

Yoga sessions are currently held in the location of your choice. Please provide this information when booking sessions. If you need assistance choosing a location or would like me to choose a space, please indicate so when booking.

Health and Wellness Consultation

What is Health and Wellness Consulting?

Health and Wellness Consulting may vary from Health Coach to Health Coach. From an Integrative Nutrition perspective, Health and Wellness Consulting examines five key areas of an individual’s life to promote sustainable lifestyle changes.

What should I expect during my health consultation?

The consultation is a sacred and essential time for us to get to know one another and determine if we are a great fit. It is a time for you to safely open up to me, as well as ask me many questions.

During this time, I will review your health history form with you and ask detailed questions.

By the end of the session, we will have determined 2-3 goals, for which a plan may be developed. You will have the option of deciding how to move forward with our partnership in your Health and Wellness Journey. Options include a 1- month, 3- month, or 6-month program.

Please be as open and honest as possible during this time so that I can best serve your needs.

How does a Health Coach benefit me?

The journey to health is a personal endeavor that can get frustrating and challenging at times. A Health Coach is a certified practitioner who is able to provide another perspective on your Health and Wellness Journey. A Health Coach utilizes coaching skills and best practices to help you reach your goals and may recommend tools and resources (books, worksheets, practices, medical professionals, etc.) for your personal education. Using a holistic approach to health, a Health Coach can support you in transforming your relationships, career, nutritional health, physical health, and/or spiritual practice.

How is a Health Coach different from a therapist, dietitian, or personal trainer?

A therapist diagnoses and treats specific disorders. A health coach does not diagnose or treat disorders; although, a health coach may assist with doctor/therapist-regulated treatments using an approved complementary plan.

A dietician creates and recommends specific diets based on individual need. A Health Coach does not recommend specific diets. However, should an individual need a specific diet as prescribed by a Registered Dietitian, a Health Coach may provide support and resources throughout your journey for success and accountability.

A personal trainer provides fitness routines and support. A Health Coach may provide different fitness options based on individual training. I offer private Yoga instruction.

Where are consultations held?

Consultations and coaching sessions are conducted via video chat or in-person. Video chat sessions are conducted using Zoom. In-person sessions are conducted at a location of your choice.

For additional questions, comments, or concerns please get in touch using the Contact Form. Thank you!