Tips for Getting (and Staying) Organized

Getting organized in life is all about systems. By system I mean the process in which one decides where to put or how to do things.

Depending on what’s being organized, different systems are needed. For item organization, one might need a labeling system, storage system, cleaning system, and/or a rotation system. When organizing your life, you may need systems for decluttering, reflection, or evaluation of choices.

In this post, I share tips for adding structure to your day to accomplish your goals.

Tip 1: Write things down.

  • Writing is helpful for examining all the “to-do’s” of the day, especially when one is working with limited free time to complete the tasks.
  • Writing is also helpful for thinking ahead. By writing down the task at hand or that’s coming up, we think about how to best prepare.
  • Example To- Do List: Go to the gym, take vitamins, prepare lunch, go to the grocery store, visit parents, mail a package
  • This list can then be expanded if necessary to include things like purchases (ex: buy food storage containers while at the grocery store).

Tip 2: Categorize.

  • Completing tasks on a to-do list becomes easier when grouping the tasks.
  • Some potential categories or groups are time, date, or location.
  • Example:

Tip 3: Prioritize.

  • When all is said and done, order the tasks by importance. You want to think realistically. What do you absolutely want accomplished before the day or week is over? Put that first. On the flip side, if a task has to be postponed, what would you prefer it be? Put that last.
  • Example:
  1. Take vitamins
  2. Prepare lunch
  3. Go to the gym
  4. Visit parents
  5. Go to the grocery store
  6. Mail a package

While these tips are primarily about organizing errands, they work for other organization tasks.

Remember: Write, categorize, prioritize.

Want to stay organized? Remember to consistently declutter your life and your to-dos. Maybe consider Is Minimalism Right for You?

Sending peace, love, and light.

📷: Adeolu Eletu

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