Following the conversation on Love

Naturally, there needs to be a conversation about sex. Sex is everywhere – in advertisements, in music, in politics, in schools. It’s a part of life that causes a lot of controversy.

I don’t know about anyone else, but my introduction to kama sutra did not leave me wanting more. Maybe I was just too young-minded (and maybe too young in age) to appreciate the art that sex is when it becomes love-making.

Like everything else in life, sex is an art form that one learns to appreciate with time.

For me, making love matters in a relationship. It’s an intimate connection between those involved. Bodies are entangled. Emotions run high. Temperatures skyrocket. And I am pretty sure souls merge.

Not to mention the heart. Is it just me or do our hearts get exposed in the pleasure of it all?

In the midst of a natural act that seems almost forbidden, there is another form of connection.

It’s a connection that is pure and real (when it’s appropriate). It’s a connection that serves as a reminder of innate human connection.

It’s a discussion that calls for knowledge about the anatomy of the human body- maybe even the biological and chemical makeup of humans.

But I’d rather end this post sharing a perspective on sex; it’s special, intimate, and sacred. While it is important that there are discussions around appropriate sexual behavior, sex is worthy of privacy and respect.

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The divine light in me, honors and acknowledges the divine light in you.

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