On Going to Therapy

If you think you might need therapy, maybe you should go.

The thought might cross your mind, but you may not take action.

Sometimes, however, other people (besides friends and family) can be the lens you need in order to get the support you need or to make lasting changes in your life.

Going to therapy often requires looking past the stigma of mental health. Sometimes it requires getting over ourselves.

I know for me it felt like talking to a therapist did absolutely nothing.

The strangest thing happened, however. Therapy started a chain reaction. It took multiple sessions, but eventually my self-care became the most important thing in my life. As I began to put effort into nurturing myself, naturally, I wanted to nurture others who needed emotional support. I joined a support group and even led some of the events.

I found therapy in talking with other people. I found therapy in art. I found therapy in being alone.

I started my Yoga Teacher Training during this season of my life. Thank you, Nourishing Storm.

I began my education as a Holistic Health Coach/Integrative Nutrition Health Coach. Thank you, Institute for Integrative Nutrition.

And with all the self-care practices I learned and implemented, my journey is still in service to other people.

This is why I say – if you think you might need therapy, maybe you should go. Because most times, other people do see what you don’t. It helps to have people to keep you on track.

Read more on what self-care did for me in Measuring Personal Growth.

If you have questions in general or about my experience in any of the programs listed above, please feel free to reach out.

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Forever honoring the light within.

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