Measuring Personal Growth

Growth is…

Different for each person.

For me, growth is slowing down enough to enjoy the smaller, more peaceful moments each day.

It’s learning to be more present with those around me.

It’s stopping to take in my surroundings.

It’s being able to appreciate what I’ve accomplished thus far and all that I have yet to achieve.

It’s learning that people make mistakes, and sometimes the mistakes may be hard to deal with.

Growth is also realizing that maybe nothing is really a mistake, and everything that happens is all a part of some bigger plan.

Growth is not knowing but observing, listening, and understanding.

Growth is challenging sometimes because change is challenging. It feels almost impossible sometimes. However, with small steps over time, it happens.

In the not too distant past, my mantra was “I want to grow” or “I want to learn.” One could say I was some sort of change advocate. In fact, I still am. I’ve just learned how to change in a realistic and sustainable way.

When I measure my personal growth, there is no set standard. Rather, it’s a comparison of what was and what is in relation to who I want to be and what I want to accomplish. And from there, most of the time, I realize that I am WHO I want to be. As for what I want to accomplish…

It takes time. It takes patience. It takes openness. It takes people.

It’s how one gets whole-life peace.


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