Live Life…Organically


It’s been a while, Family.


A lot has happened (if you happened to have missed 2016 – 2020, please do a deep internet search).

I am ready to decompress.


I have felt a lot of emotions and have overcome many obstacles. I’ve practiced my Yoga as deeply as I could and found compassion for myself when necessary.

Life took its turns.

Life has weakened me, as it does sometimes.

Life has strengthened me, as it should.

Life has purposed me, as is the purpose.

I am loved, abundant, confident, and overjoyed.

I live with all that God has given me: peace, flexibility, joy, knowledge, experience, humility, love, discipline, and so much more.

For me, living life organically is just about synonymous with living life well.

If you have followed along with the Wellness Journey on social media, then you understand what I mean. If you have not, then I urge you to take a look (FB: HolLifePeace. See posts dated July 1, 2020 through December 25, 2020 and briefly April 1 – 7, 2021).

(P.S. The Wellness Journey journal/guide will be coming 🤗❤️🙏🏾)

When I speak about living life organically, I speak about a flow in life. I speak about being in alignment with oneself, and with that kind of talk you will hear about divinity and spirit. I do not teach religion or spirituality, fyi. I speak from my personal beliefs, practices, and all that I engage in. My practices and beliefs are mine. Your practice and beliefs are yours.

Please, please, and again please remember that as I explain:


To live life organically means:

  • To understand there is a Divine order and natural flow in life, and
  • To follow the flow of life, but yet
  • To be flexible within the flow of life
  • To live life following your fully healed heart, and…
  • If you follow your broken heart (given you are not harming anyone or yourself in any way), you are still acting in your highest good.
  • To know there is a GOD
  • To constantly seek GOD in all you do
  • To live fully with love

To live an organic life in flow does not mean…

…that one career is better than another.

…that one body type is better than another.

…that one race is better than another.

…that one person is better than another.

Remember, what works for one person may not work for another.

I say this because while we flow with life we must acknowledge that we live in a society that creates trends around these things. These trends can make us feel like who we are naturally, organically, and as our ever-evolving selves is out of place. You are never out of place as yourself. Please re-read what it means to live organically. Please learn who you are outside of societal trends.


Please take the time to reflect on this. It’s important.

Sending you all the loving light.

🙏🏾 ✨❤️

📸: Annie Spratt

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