What’s your most frequent craving?

Mine is chocolate.

I find the more I try to avoid chocolate, the more I want it. If I wait too long to indulge in the craving, I end up consuming more than I am content with. After overindulging, I get on myself about the indulgence and vow to let go of chocolate for a while. Then, the process starts again. What to do?

Oftentimes, when cravings are discussed, it’s in reference to food, but the word craving describes an intense desire for anything. Maybe your craving isn’t food-related. Maybe it’s wanting to workout or sleep a little more than usual.

The word craving also tends to have a negative connotation. A craving does not have to be a bad thing. Thinking about food-related cravings, one may get on ones self for craving the foods that are considered to be “bad”. Even when considering a desire to sleep a little more than usual, one may get frustrated and run through a long list of what should be done instead.

Again, cravings are not necessarily a bad thing. Cravings tell one’s mind that something is needed. Human bodies are beautifully and wonderfully made and withstand a lot. Through it all, human bodies maintain homeostasis. Homeostasis mainly occurs from the inside out, and actions (like indulging cravings) are the manifestations of that process. Take, for instance, the action of covering oneself with more clothes or a blanket if feeling cold. That action is a way of maintaining balance. Along those same lines, what happens when one feels too hot? One may begin to sweat. The human body has an automatic response to stay regulated.

Examining your cravings may help you evaluate your needs, wants, and habits and help you to adjust accordingly. One way to examine your cravings is to keep a journal. Track your cravings in the way that best suits you. Decide what information is helpful for your goal. You could include categories such as type of craving, time of day, whether or not you indulged, what happened before the craving, and what happened after the craving.

As a reminder, this does not serve as medical or nutritional advice.

Love and light on your journey.

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